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Fire and Furry

So great to finally meet this wonderful woman. Jean Smith told me her story when she came to visit her Sheep's lambs. She told me how she survived the Napa Fire by grabbing 4 chickens and her purse in her Pajamas at 2 am when her son told her the fire had surrounded their ranch.

Their homes and barn and all the structures on the farm burned to the ground but her 5 sheep survived as they went into the watermelon patch the only crop not to burn and ate watermelons until they were rescued. Jean left with nothing but her PJs. Her wonderful church has helped her find housing and are helping her rebuild their farm. But these 2 lambs born here on my farm have been named Fire and Fury for having survived this crazy disaster that will go on for many years for some folks.

I like to call them Fire and Furry. We hugged and I felt like I had known her for years. We are these little ones grandmas together! May we all enjoy the joys of survival and rebirth! Love you Jean!

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