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You know that book" If you give a mouse a cookie?"

Well.... Its time to shear the sheep! Please make an appointment for a tour if you want to watch this fun farm event at Black Mountain Farm 415 662 1050.

Whenever it time to shear the sheep, you know you must clean out the barn so the wool stays clean. While cleaning out the barn you notice the troughs need cleaning as well, when you finish the troughs and go back to the barn you see your gator filled up with manure!

Well what to do with all that manure but drive it up to the veggie garden and place it all around your strawberries and potatoes as mulch. Just as you are about to much the strawberries you notice the weeds choking out your strawberry plants, so you decide to weed before mulching. When you are done with all the weeding and mulching you end up with a large pile of green weeds!

So you give this pile to your new baby bunnies and you watch as they happily crunch away at the lovely green weeds. As your blissfully observing the baby bunnies you notice their water is low so you fill up their water bottles with clean clear water. Since the hose is on you decide to water the veggies. While watering the veggies you casually look down at your watch and notice you are late to pick up your daughter from school!

When you arrive at school with your head hung in embarrassment the Art teacher notices you and comes over to ask you a question. She asks since the Art class is doing a project on textiles can you come in and demonstrate how to clean, card and spin wool from your sheep. When you hear the mention of sheep you remember its time to shear the sheep! So you go back to the house and check the barn to make sure its clean! The barn is clean I'm calling the shearer to make an appointment. If you want to have a farm tour this is the day to do it.

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