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Singing the Blues for Local Yarn

February Newsletter


You've heard of the farm-to-table local food movement; now knitters can enjoy "soil-to-skin" yarns from local ranchers, dyers and spinners, thanks to Fibershed, a new locally-grown fiber promoter. We just took delivery of yarn, roving and angora from Marnie Jackson's Black Mountain Farmin West Marin.

Marnie raises and shears her own Wensleydale sheep and angora rabbits on the farm where she lives with her husband, son and daughter. She grows indigo plants to dye the yarns. She says: "The more you dip into the indigo, the more dye comes out into the yarn, so the first dip gives a rich, dark blue; the second dip a mid-blue and the last dip a pale, creamy blue." Un-dyed yarn is off-white, light gray or taupe.

We have limited quantities of all colors of yarn, angora, and some large balls of un-dyed roving for felting or finger-knitting. It won't last long and there's no more available until the next shearing!

A prized purchase at the farm is a hand-knitted hat using a mix of yarns with angora hand-plyed into the rib. We have a sample hat in-store.

If you're interested in a spring field trip out to Black Mountain Farm, to see the new lambs, chicks, turkeys and rabbits, leave you contact details at the store. You can find out more about the farm here: and more about Fibershed here:


Drawing classes continue with Carolyn Fee on Tuesday and Wednesdaymornings, 10:30-12:30. If you are interested, please contact Carolyn at

Sewing classes continue with Pia Anderson on Wednesday evenings, 6-9pm. Next class is next Wednesday, 2/22. Contact Pia for sign-up and more info:

OUR NEW LOCATION: 75 Throckmorton Avenue is in downtown Mill Valley, right on the Plaza, next to the parking lot, beside the Depot Bookstore Cafe patio. Look for the yellow awnings. Tel: (415) 326-5217.

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