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Ode to a Head Lamp

To use or not use a head lamp that is the question?

When you have supper clean up the kitchen and put your kids to bed, there are nights when you realize you have forgotten to put your free grazing horse back in the barn.... ooops.

It is now 10pm and you realize one of your 26 animals is not where they should be for the night. The cat has been fed, the sheep have been put back in the padock but you question yourself , "Did I put the horse back in the barn?"

Well much to your chagrin after your second beer you have completely forgotten to get the horse so you put on your boots, grab your barn coat, head lamp, and head out to search for him. The head lamp is a great tool at night because if you scan the dark horizons you can find all the animals by the tapetums of their eyes.

After 3 trips up and down the mountain you find him hiding inside a cozy fir tree. He thinks he's being funny playing hide and go seek. So you grab his halter and try to keep your sense of humor as you lead him back down to the barn.

Once he is fed and settled you can finally return to the cozy warmth of your house. you start the treck back up the hill. At this point you are completely annoyed with that egg shaped light that has been bouncing in front of your field of vision and remove the head lamp. Its at this time you sense and feel the night air and recognize the familiar constellations of warm stars above your head.

The aswer is yes return to the warmth of home without the false manmade light of the headlamp and spend 10 minutes enjoying the smells, the stars and the night sounds. This is why you are here.

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