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Angora Hats

Our cozy Black mountain Farm hats are handmade here on the farm. the fiber to make the yarn comes from our Wensleydale sheep and our Angora rabbits.

The process taken to make the hats is quite an undertaking. First we manage the animals so that they are healthy and clean so that when they need to be sheared their fiber is of the best quality. The sheep are sheared by a proffesional shearer and I shear the rabbits. Both sheep and rabbits must be sheared regularily for the health of the animal. The sheeps fiber must then be picked clean of debris (skirted) and then washed and dried. When the fiber is clean it must be carded which means combed so all the fibers lay straight. After it is carded you can begin the spinning proccess. I spin skeins of Sheeps wool and skiens of Angora fiber and ply the two together to make a strong yet soft yarn. Finally the yarn is knit into a hat .


If you would like to purchase these unique, cozy hats send us an email. We can send you a photo of the hats that are currently in stock. Each hat is unique. All are handmade from the animals on this farm.  Whenever you see a blue stripe that comes from the Indigo plant I grow in my garden and use to dye my wool.


Hats $40

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