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School Visits


We love school visits at Black Mountain Farm. It so  much fun to watch the children light up as they get to see, hear, smell and touch all the farm animals. A lot of what we do hear at Black Mountain Farm fits neatly into the Waldorf inspired curriculum. We can teach about farm animals, woodland wildlife, and fiber crafts. I especially love to teach everything there is to learn about how to transform our Black Mountain sheeps fiber into yarn and eventually clothing.


I can customize your farm tour to teach what you have going on currently in your curriculum as I used to be a teacher and curriculum planning is one of my favorite things to do. So, lets have a chat about what you would like the kids to learn about and hopefully we can make that happen.


I have a picnic table for lunches and a deck surface to lay out learning stations. Lets have some fun and learn a little as we do!



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