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A typical day on the farm consists of doing the rounds and feeding the chickens, turkeys and rabbits. I move the sheep and horse out to pasture. I collect eggs, lemons and whatever vegetables are growing in the garden and make a plan for supper.

​On the weekends we do heavier work like mending fences, fixing gates, hauling wood and cleaning out the pens. The beautiful thing is that every season there are different foods provided by the farm and different jobs to work on. Never a dull moment.


The Spring brings new babies of all kinds. Baby lambs are born, chicks are hatched and soft baby angora rabbits are kindled. Summer is the constant season of moving the animals to fresh pasture. Fall is  time for harvest. We collect and prepare an abundance of food from the pasture and garden. Winter is a time to winter the garden beds, cozy the barn for the animals to shelter in and clean and spin wool. Winter is also a time to reflect on how fortunate we are to have this life so tied in with nature.


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