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Private Farm Tours


Do you have guests from out of town and you want to show them a little about West Marin Country life?


Bring your family and/or friends for a private customized farm tour. I can do a quick farm overview in one hour or teach you a little about farming and fiber arts in a longer tour. Would you like to learn about dyeing with Indigo? Or how to use a spinning wheel to spin your own yarn?  Or have horse back ride around our pond? Would you like to bring a group of friends to view the incredible variety of birdlife? Or would you like to bring your photography class here to photograph all the wildlife and views? Let me know and I can customize a tour for you. At the end of the tour you and your friends can sit at the picnic table eat lunch and enjoy the views for miles in all directions.


Tours are for a minimum of 4 people.

Black Mountain Farm

415 662 1050



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