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I am a farmer at heart. I believe that if everyone could spend 10 minutes a day with their hands in the soil we would all have a more healthy and peaceful world. I have always farmed a small garden since I was a child. Today, I raise animals, vegetables, fruits and my family.

Black Mountain Farm is a fiber farm; meaning I have animals that sustainably produce excess fiber that I shear to make products. I have beautiful Angora rabbits that create a lot of soft fur and Wensleydale sheep that produce extra strong and soft fleece. I shear, wash, spin and ply these two animals fiber together to make a great soft and strong yarn which I knit into cozy hats. I am part of a larger group of artisans called the Fibershed ( whose goal is to educate folks on the benefits of supporting and buying locally grown clothing. Just as we have seen from buying locally grown food, we can positively change our health, beauty, and econmy by buying locally grown clothing.

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